About Parents & Carers Forum Swindon

We are a voluntary organisation made up of local parents and carers with children and young people with additional needs and/or disabilities in Swindon who aim to be the united voice to inform service providers of the needs of disabled children, young people and their families.

Our Mission

To be at the heart of the strategic decision making regarding health, well-being and Special Educational Needs (SEN) for children and young people with disabilities in Swindon and to help Parents and Carers to feel they have a voice, provide opportunity to be involved, and offer tools to help them feel empowered to take control for positive outcomes.

Steering Group

The Forum is run by a Steering Group, which is currently made up of 5 volunteer parents and carers, all with their own unique children and young people. The Steering Group meet monthly to determine how the Forum will operate and determine areas to focus our attention on. We are governed by our Code of Conduct, outlining how we should conduct ourselves. (Back Row; Anna Blackmore and Alison Presswell, Front Row;Michelle Giddings (Acting Chairperson) and Keith Blackmore.  Doug Morris (Absent) is our Regional South West and NNPCF Steering Group Rep.

Steering Group 2017

What We Do

Current Workstreams

We are currently working with the local authority and health on the following areas;


Performance and Engagement – monitoring how well the local authority are implementing the SEND Reforms and engaging parents and carers with the process and outcomes.


Quality and Improvement – using data collated by the local authority and the PCF, to drive improvements to facilities and services ahead of and after the CQC and OFSTED inspections.


SEND Strategic Board – identifying the strategy for SEND across Swindon.


Scrutiny Committee – Review strategic policy and spend across Swindon.


Health Forum – Health issues raised by the 0-25 SEND population discussed with District Medical Officers (DMO's).





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Who can get involved with PCF?

Carer's Journey

The graphic below depicts the journey and the stages you may go through as a Carer.  This may help you identify where you are on your journey to enable identification and signposting to support that may be available at that time.

A Carer's Journey

Help us create a better journey for you and your family

National Network Of Parent Carer Forums (nnpcf)

The Forum in Swindon is just one of the 154 forums that operate up and down the country and form part of the NNPCF. The NNPCF operate through a Steering Group, which has its own Code of Conduct to adhere to. The Steering Group members are selected from the local Parent and Carer Forums.


The aim of the NNPCF is to understand the views and issues of parents and carers across the country, through the help of the local and regional teams. This information is then used to produce a countrywide view of issues and concerns affecting parents and carers as well as our children and young people. This information is collated and anonymised to protect individuals and then shared with government ministers and policy makers in charge of Health, Social Care and Education respectively.



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